Leandra’s Story

Leandra was having problems with the father of her 2 children, Ben and Andy. He was not supporting both boys and refusing to give Leandra child support. Steven would promise to pay for the children’s school supplies and that promise always feel through. There was always an excuse why he couldn’t come up with money for clothes, shoes etc. She was fed up with numerous years of false promises and didn’t know where to start. She had called her friend Sarah and asked if she would help her through this harrowing journey. Sarah had some practice, but not much, in the legal field but was willing to help her during this stressful time. Sarah discussed the basics of child support with Leandra. Sarah offered her knowledge about child support cases and results that a family member had helped in the past. After hearing positive results from the majority of the stories she heard from Sarah, Leandra ended up calling an attorney in Modesto where she lived and made an appointment to meet and go over everything and explore the options she had. That following week, Leandra met with Arty Mark Ciccone for three hours. Mark discussed with her that both parents’ income, the cost of child care, both of the children’s individual needs and custody arrangements would be a factor in this particular case. Due to Steven only working part time as a mechanic, Leandra was worried she wouldn’t be able to get enough to help with the costs that came with raising Ben and Andy and was doubting that this would be worth her time. He explained to her that since Steven hasn’t paid any amount of money for both of his children he would make sure she would win this case. They had a notice sent to Steven notifying him that he would be taken to court to resolve this irritating issue. Steven decided to represent himself during the duration of the case. Arty Mark Ciccone brought up valid points to the lawyer regarding the lack of care and financial stability he was giving his children. After hearing both sides, Steven and Leandra’s, the lawyer decided to award a total of four hundred dollars a month. Leandra was relived she had went through with this because it was an issue that would not be worried about again and she knew her children would be taken care of.

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Child Development Software

My son was having trouble in school. He was behind the rest of his class. We had to go in for a parent teacher conference on a Friday and his teacher said he was having trouble with his reading. This surprised me, however I realized I hadn’t been paying attention to what my son was doing in his spare time. So, when we got home I went up and looked in his room. He had his three game consoles all set up next to the TV. His games were neatly arranged on his bookshelves and his video collection of Japanese Anime was there as well. But I looked about. Aside from gaming, magazines there were no books in his room at all. My son’s room had not one book in it. This was a shock as I was trained as a speed-reader in the third grade under the old SRA program and I spent $2-$3000 dollars on books a year to keep up on my job. I went downstairs and found my son and asked him how many books had he read that year. He looked blankly at me and said, “I think 3 that we had to do in class”. I knew then something had to be done and done fast.

I stayed up until I could barely keep my eyes open on the computer searching for reading improvement tools. I couldn’t help but think of my comfortable bed. But I wanted something like the SRA program that would have been updated for a 12-year-old. From the information I gathered from the web I found three software packages that would fit the bill.

I went out and bought all three. The first was “Ace Reader Pro.” (clearwavesoftware.com) It has a built-in training program that teaches with fun games and activities to help a young adult reader get more out of their reading. The really great feature was that it could read PDF, the web, and many other formats of eBooks this was perfect as I know eBooks are rapidly replacing regular books and magazines.

The second package was EyeQ http://infinitemind.io/individual/, which was developed by the Japanese for their kids and for corporate training. EyeQ has some features that the ACE Reader Program has fewer features that than ACE Reader Pro. The two seemed to complement each other and both have a way of teaching that keeps track of progress and a progressive lesson system.

The third was a little bizarre as it uses music and something called the Mozart effect to boost your reading skills.

But it too allowed for the reading of eBooks and came with 600 preloaded setups. However, their website said the program was no longer available as of this writing. So thus armed, I loaded them on the family computer and went in search of my son.

Usage and results

My son warmed up to the EyeQ program right away as all he had to do was press a few keys and it was off and running. He enjoyed the way the program gradually speeded up over a period of 12 weeks and at the end of that time, he was reading at about twice his normal speed. He had finished reading the built-in books and suddenly wanted more.

I switched him over to the ACE Reader Pro program and got some old “Ton Swift JR.”, books that were floating around the web and set him off. He actually liked them and wanted more. I was able to get some Hardy Boys and Rick Brant novels from Manybooks.net. He ate them up and now he goes out on the web and on Amazon to get, his own Books and has a Kindle.

To make a long story short, my son is reading more and playing video games less and he’s turned his failing grades around and is getting “B’s” and even an “A” or two. So, for me this was the best investment in software for children I ever made.



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Real Estate in the Economy

The business of Real Estate in Modesto CA has been here as long as there has been an economy. Actually it is the business that runs many economies in the world. One can never go wrong with a good real estate investment. On the other hand, as many go for the property developments and investments, it is important to ask yourself, can vacant land really bring money return?
Vacant land is the ultimate real estate investment that one can never be wrong. You can create whatever home you want and fill it with your dream Master bedroom and Kitchen etc. It can produce a tone of income and cash flow especially if you know what you are doing. Like any other business, capital to start is very fundamental. However the capital needed is quite small compared to the other real estate investment, this is because many people are willing to sell their land at a very law price. Mostly it is because there are few people willing to invest in this area of real estate.
The other thing is that since in every business you want returns, this is an income generating one with no or little effort and no worries. It is just buy it, get the deed and then resell it. There is no competition within the field compared to other real estate investments. Very few people forecasting on that niche and hence it is an opportunity for the wise ones to explore.
Most of the other real estate properties have an issue with the security during resell. It is not the case for the vacant land. It is dirt, and therefore there are far few factors that can go wrong with the land. Issues like wear and tear, maintenance and painting are no fears to the owner. Security, custom duties and taxes are also a rare worry to the owner of the property and the buyer too.
The good thing about vacant land is the fact that when buying and selling, there is no need of even seeing it. Tools like Google maps and others have made it easier to access them at the comfort of your couch. It is also very hands off. Once you are in possession of it you can earn with little or no work through leasing. Cell phone poles, electricity companies, hunting during the seasons, farming among others are just few deals that you can have with the ones coming doing all the work and you getting paid for it.
The most exciting thing about it is that there is no more land been developed. They are not making any more of it and there will be no such a thing in future. It is final and finite product that does not need to compete with technologies, fashions and styles. A land at the path of growth can be a gold mine in future. Though it may not be wanted now, it is very possible to make a fortune in future with it. The resell then can be at a very high price
In conclusion, vacant land can be a real estate investment you can think about. There is no hardship in acquisition, very hands off property, inexpensive to hold and maintain, finite asset that no more are been developed among others. This can only mean that dirt is a fortune.

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Impressive Injury Law Professionals

I was impressed with my latest experience with my Personal Injury Attorney. I searched Injury Law in Modesto CA and found the perfect team. I was able to call them at any time of the day and get a response. I do not know that all attorneys do that, but mine did. My attorneys were up front and treated me with absolute respect. They were sympathetic, courteous and quite professional. My attorney stood by me and kept me up-to-date throughout the whole process.

There are several different types of Injuries a person can experience, all with different ways to handle them in court.

Personal Injury Attorneys Deal with Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims cover any medical mistakes made by a physician or staff person, or other medical professional, which then leads to an injury accident or even a wrongful death. Your attorneys will inform you your accident can be the result of negligence on the part of the physician or staff person, nurse, hospital, or other medical staff. Birth injuries and nursing home accident claims are examples of medical malpractice cases.

Injury Attorneys Cover Asbestos and Mesothelioma Claims

Although asbestos was a popular construction industry material because of its heat-resistance, durability, and chemical inertness, it eventually was proven to be a dangerous substance to work around. With this being said an accident attorney will inform you the fibers of asbestos, if inhaled, are now known to be harmful causing injury accidents. Exposure to the material, often while on the job, has been linked to definite cancers and has been banned since the 1970s. Asbestos exposure has since been linked to asbestos, mesothelioma, and even lung cancer, your injury accident attorneys will say.

Personal Injury Attorneys Organize and Respond to Class Action Lawsuits

If an unsafe item or tragic occasion kills or damages more than one casualty, the choice of a class activity personal wounds case lawsuit could recorded. Rather than every casualty recording a casualty lawsuit, one case shall be documented and spoke to by an accident law firm. The lawsuit is recorded against the mindful party to get reward for the benefit of the majority of the casualties

Personal injury lawyers Cover Premises Liability>

The kind of premises liability cases can be documented by your own personal injury lawyer when a casualty endures an injury accident which ought to have been avoided while on another’s property. The most widely recognized premises liability wounds claims include fall and slip cases. Personal injury attorneys will let you know these allude to cases where the casualty experiences one or more wounds a fall which caused by slippery floor, dangerous stair steps, or unsafe and uneven sidewalks.


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Finding the Perfect Criminal Lawyer

Life may take you in many directions never anticipated in life leading you to a lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer in the Central Valley of California there are several specialty lawyers nearby. You may need a trademark lawyer in San Jose CA, a lawyer to go over professional contracts in San Francsisco CA, a lawyer who practices family law in Modesto CA, or a Real Estate lawyer in Fresno. However, if you need to get a criminal trial lawyer, then you need to seek out the best criminal lawyer. Being represented by the best attorney is the only way you can achieve success with your case, and come out of it all with the results that you are looking for. Below are some tips on how to find the best criminal lawyer for you.

The most crucial factor that you will need to take into consideration here is how much experience the lawyer has. When you are talking to an attorney trying to figure out if they are going to be the best criminal lawyer for you, make sure that you ask them how long they have been in the business, how many cases they have won and lost, and so on. The more experience a lawyer has to offer the better and the more chances you have of winning your case and getting off.

Talk One on One
It is advisable to ensure that you spend enough time talking with them before you decide they are the best criminal lawyer for you. The best idea will be for you to take in a list of questions, so you will not forget anything you want to ask and can get all the answers that you are looking for. This will definitely be a major deciding factor in terms of finding the best criminal lawyer for you and your case.

Legal Costs
You also need to take the legal costs into consideration when you are trying to find the best criminal lawyer. Obviously you are only going to be able to get a lawyer that you can afford, and lawyers can definitely get to be quite pricey. Just make sure that you are aware of how much the lawyer charges per hour and whether you will afford it or not.

If not, you do always have the option of applying for legal aid, but only certain people get accepted for legal aid and you may not be able to get it, depending on your income, how much you make and how much you have to put out each month. If you are living with someone, their income will be factored into the equation as well.

Commitment of the Attorney
If you have questions, your white collar attorney should be happy to answer them. It should be clear from the very beginning that you are his or her top priority when meeting with you. If your criminal lawyer is constantly taking calls from other clients, then you are not getting all of his or her time although it is supposed to be devoted to you.

Most importantly, you need to be able to understand what your lawyer is doing for you. There may be complex legal concepts during the trial, and you will want someone who can connect with you and explain them. The DWI lawyer you select should have no problem doing this, and should be happy to keep you in the loop as your trial progresses.

Finding the ideal DWI lawyer can be a difficult task. Nonetheless, when the case progresses and your criminal defense attorney is sitting across from you ready to proceed with a deposition or sitting in the courtroom ready for trial, you’ll be glad you spent the extra effort to locate the best representation possible.

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