Safe and Sound

Do you worry about the safety of your children so much you second guess every decision you make? Well, I was the same when I was a first time parent. I was so uneasy about every product I bought for my child because I was worried I was not buying the best brand or maybe my child wouldn’t like that product specifically. I was the epitome of a worrier parent. Well, the time came when I had to make the hardest choice of all. I had to choose the car seat for my little infant child to come home from the hospital in and spend every moment in the car in. no pressure.

Well, as you can imagine I spent hours and hours at every store in town that had car seats. I would go to the section and just stare at the vast amount of choices. I would have my phone up and every car seat I passed I would look at the reviews online, check yelp and even a few parent chat lines. I had too many choices. I was lost. Then my wife came to me with a brand. She told me to look into the Evenflo brand. I was unsure of that brand so I was off to do my research. I started reading the reviews from previous parents and seeing how the crash test ratings were for each product. I finally found one that I liked. I came across the Evenflo tribute LX Infant Convertible Car Seat. A mouthful I know, but it was incredible. It had the best reviews from parents, and had incredible safety features. It had extra cushions around the head for the infant, and with the convertible feature the one car seat would stay with my child from birth until they are ready to sit in a car on their own.

I told my wife what a wonderful product she led me to and we were off to the store. My wife is my better half, and almost always she is right and knows what to do or where to go. She is so loving though she guides me there and lets me find it for myself which is one thing I love about her. If someone would have told me to buy this product without letting me look into it first then I would never feel right about the purchase and second guess it every day. Now I know my child will be safe every mile we drive, and I can finally relax knowing our little blessing will be happy and comfortable all along the way.

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Child Development Software

My son was having trouble in school. He was behind the rest of his class. We had to go in for a parent teacher conference on a Friday and his teacher said he was having trouble with his reading. This surprised me, however I realized I hadn’t been paying attention to what my son was doing in his spare time. So, when we got home I went up and looked in his room. He had his three game consoles all set up next to the TV. His games were neatly arranged on his bookshelves and his video collection of Japanese Anime was there as well. But I looked about. Aside from gaming, magazines there were no books in his room at all. My son’s room had not one book in it. This was a shock as I was trained as a speed-reader in the third grade under the old SRA program and I spent $2-$3000 dollars on books a year to keep up on my job. I went downstairs and found my son and asked him how many books had he read that year. He looked blankly at me and said, “I think 3 that we had to do in class”. I knew then something had to be done and done fast.

I stayed up until I could barely keep my eyes open on the computer searching for reading improvement tools. But I wanted something like the SRA program that would have been updated for a 12-year-old. From the information I gathered from the web I found three software packages that would fit the bill.

I went out and bought all three. The first was “Ace Reader Pro.” ( It has a built-in training program that teaches with fun games and activities to help a young adult reader get more out of their reading. The really great feature was that it could read PDF, the web, and many other formats of eBooks this was perfect as I know eBooks are rapidly replacing regular books and magazines.

The second package was EyeQ, which was developed by the Japanese for their kids and for corporate training. EyeQ has some features that the ACE Reader Program has fewer features that than ACE Reader Pro. The two seemed to complement each other and both have a way of teaching that keeps track of progress and a progressive lesson system.

The third was a little bizarre as it uses music and something called the Mozart effect to boost your reading skills.

But it too allowed for the reading of eBooks and came with 600 preloaded setups. However, their website said the program was no longer available as of this writing. So thus armed, I loaded them on the family computer and went in search of my son.

Usage and results

My son warmed up to the EyeQ program right away as all he had to do was press a few keys and it was off and running. He enjoyed the way the program gradually speeded up over a period of 12 weeks and at the end of that time, he was reading at about twice his normal speed. He had finished reading the built-in books and suddenly wanted more.

I switched him over to the ACE Reader Pro program and got some old “Ton Swift JR.”, books that were floating around the web and set him off. He actually liked them and wanted more. I was able to get some Hardy Boys and Rick Brant novels from He ate them up and now he goes out on the web and on Amazon to get, his own Books and has a Kindle.

To make a long story short, my son is reading more and playing video games less and he’s turned his failing grades around and is getting “B’s” and even an “A” or two. So, for me this was the best investment in software for children I ever made.



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