Safe and Sound

Do you worry about the safety of your children so much you second guess every decision you make? Well, I was the same when I was a first time parent. I was so uneasy about every product I bought for my child because I was worried I was not buying the best brand or maybe my child wouldn’t like that product specifically. I was the epitome of a worrier parent. Well, the time came when I had to make the hardest choice of all. I had to choose the car seat for my little infant child to come home from the hospital in and spend every moment in the car in. no pressure.

Well, as you can imagine I spent hours and hours at every store in town that had car seats. I would go to the section and just stare at the vast amount of choices. I would have my phone up and every car seat I passed I would look at the reviews online, check yelp and even a few parent chat lines. I had too many choices. I was lost. Then my wife came to me with a brand. She told me to look into the Evenflo brand. I was unsure of that brand so I was off to do my research. I started reading the reviews from previous parents and seeing how the crash test ratings were for each product. I finally found one that I liked. I came across the Evenflo tribute LX Infant Convertible Car Seat. A mouthful I know, but it was incredible. It had the best reviews from parents, and had incredible safety features. It had extra cushions around the head for the infant, and with the convertible feature the one car seat would stay with my child from birth until they are ready to sit in a car on their own.

I told my wife what a wonderful product she led me to and we were off to the store. My wife is my better half, and almost always she is right and knows what to do or where to go. She is so loving though she guides me there and lets me find it for myself which is one thing I love about her. If someone would have told me to buy this product without letting me look into it first then I would never feel right about the purchase and second guess it every day. Now I know my child will be safe every mile we drive, and I can finally relax knowing our little blessing will be happy and comfortable all along the way.

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